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The INNER CHILD WORKSHOP is designed to heal childhood wounds and replace pain with love. This workshop will introduce you to the child within you and deepen your connection with him or her.

What does the inner child offer the outer adult? After you deepen your relationship with your inner child, you learn various ways for healing to occur. Then you are able to receive the valuable lessons your inner child has to offer.

Your inner child has important messages for you. Messages about remembering how to enjoy life. What are we working so hard for if we are disconnected from our joy and wonder? Your inner child will remind you of who you really are – not who your parents wanted you to be, not what your teachers labeled you as, not who anyone else expected you to be. When you listen to your inner child creativity is heightened and appreciation for life is renewed.

Learning to listen to and nurture your inner child increases your capacity for self-love and fulfilling relationships with others. The INNER CHILD WORKSHOP benefits every area of your life. Healing childhood hurt and pain expands your capacity for love and nurturing in all of your relationships.

Reflections of Childhood
When you think of your childhood what do you think of?
How do you feel about your Mom?
How do you feel about your Dad?
What do you remember from your childhood?
What kind of hurt or pain did you experience as a child?
How do you think your childhood affects you today?

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