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From Anger to Responsibility and Forgiveness
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This course is about learning and growing from your anger. Like all human feelings, anger should be acknowledged and honored. Nothing leads to resentment, hurt, disease and dysfunction faster than repressed anger. When anger is expressed positively, it can be a catalyst for growth. But when we hang on to it – or ignore it altogether – anger can be destructive and unhealthy.

If you scratch beneath the surface of anger there is a great deal of pain. Perhaps a friend or family member mistreated you, or maybe you experienced a personal tragedy. These can cause great pain and anger.

After we work through these painful issues that are keeping you in anger, we examine your role and responsibility in the situation. There are times when you’re absolutely blameless, no ifs ands or buts about it. In the more common interpersonal relationships, issues that lead to anger and hurt typically involve more than one party. After you get past the anger and pain, you will be able to experience inner peace.

In this course we will identify and release the source of anger. Then we begin the process of forgiveness. Many hear the word forgiveness and think it means to "forgive and forget." Not so. To forgive means to untie. When we untie ourselves from our anger, we can move forward in our personal development and improve your life.

How many of the manifestations of repressed anger to you experience?

Controlling others
Letting yourself be controlled
Setting inappropriate boundaries (or not setting them at all)
Being defensive
Stopping the exchange of love
Feeling guilty
Having low self-esteem
Putting yourself last
Being a people-pleaser
Being too much of a taker
Sabotaging your own success
Perceiving love as an attack
Attacking people who love you
Making other people wrong
Feeling inadequate
Feeling rage

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