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This course allows participants to focus on one recurring issue in depth. THE CLEARING reveals the source of conflict and allows you to deal with it. This creates a clearing for other possibilities to be revealed in your life. Participants describe significant breakthroughs as they see beyond their original issue. No longer absorbed by their issue, they are free to discover new avenues of growth and potential.

Issues that have been addressed at THE CLEARING include:

Lack of motivation
Lack of balance
Lack of joy
Lack of money
Lack of personal power
Lack of confidence
Lack of trust
Poor communication
Poor stress management
Feeling worn out
Negative about life
Bitterness about old hurts
Feeling guilty for success
Feeling undeserving
Feeling alone
Experiencing conflicts
Feeling neglected
Experiencing grief and loss
Unable say no
Obsessive compulsive behavior
Fear of intimacy
Avoiding issues
Sabotaging success
Putting yourself last
Over responsible

What value is there in clearing a key issue from your life?

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