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This course is a challenging, experiential weekly course that has participants directly integrating personal growth principles. Your participation in the "hands-on" course will break down barriers in relationships, self-expression and communication. Simply, MOVING ON helps tear down the walls that create limitations for your success.

The group environment and partnership process provides a springboard of support and encouragement. The result is increased confidence, mastery and well being in all areas of your life.

This is a year long course focusing on leadership through contributing to others. LEADERSHIP TRAINING enhances your ability to effectively communicate and
interact with others. By supporting others in their personal growth, you face personal challenges which increase your self-confidence, effectiveness and ability to give and receive. You will also discover your ability to be a center of influence.

This program consists of eight one-hour tapes and a 140-page book with a workbook section. THE HOME STUDY PROGRAM helps you understand how people typically develop patterns of emotions and feelings, thoughts and behaviors that limit our potential. More importantly, you replace negative patterns with desirable choices. We discuss how to reinforce the new positive patterns and prevent other negative ones from developing.

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