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Relationships may be the toughest part of your personal growth and spiritual development journey.

There is only one relationship you have, the relationship you have with yourself. Every conflict you have with anyone reflects some unresolved issue within yourself. The real (and unconscious) reason people enter into a relationship is they are looking to the other person to make them happy.

As we enter into a relationship, we soon find ourselves feeling better than we did before. Then something happens. Issues start to surface. This creates even more problems than we had before and now we don’t feel as good as we used to.

There are three reasons why relationships don’t work:
- Both people have unresolved issues.
- Men and women experience and express love in different ways.
- Most people are not aware of how to nurture the entity of the relationship.

This course is an integration of principals that have produced dramatic results for singles and couples. Join us on a journey into possibility. The MEN AND WOMEN RELATING TOGETHER course promises to reveal and revitalize intimacy and love in all your relationships.

In this course you will heal the hurt and pain from past and current relationships. This will allow you to experience healthy relationships and greater intimacy. You will learn how to turn conflict into opportunities for growth. All relationships in your life will improve.

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