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The personal growth principles in this program are designed to assist women in sales careers in overcoming the internal and external obstacles that can limit their success. Women face gender-specific cultural issues which affect the way they view themselves in the world, and the way the world sees them. These and other challenges are real and can limit women’s professional success. They can also serve as important growth lessons and help women reach new heights in their sales careers. There’s little we can do to change others. We have all the power in the world to change ourselves and how we respond to challenges. Victim or victor? It’s your choice.

The WOMEN IN SALES program guides participants through the discovery and analysis of current blocks to their own success. Much of what limits power, happiness and success is a result of negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Recognizing negative thought patterns provides the motivation for change. In this program, you will develop personalized action plans which will expand your potential.

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